How Can I Get Free Photos From iStock?

There are a lot of sites out there that will offer you free stock images and videos, but there is a limited amount of them that have an extensive, high-quality library like iStock. 

How Can I Get Free Photos From iStock

If you want peace of mind that you are using stock imagery legally then you should definitely check out this site.

You will also quickly realize how high quality the stock videos and images are that you can have full access to by paying a flat rate by signing up for a subscription that renews every month or year. 

Another benefit that comes with signing up to iStock is that they will pick out an image or video from their library and allow you to download it for free for a limited time. 

We will talk more about how to get free imagery from iStock so that you can upgrade your projects without having to break the bank. 

An Introduction To iStock

iStock is a leading stock photography firm that provides internet stock photos and has been in business for over 20 years.

iStock is also supported by Getty Images, the world’s most prominent stock photography firm.

Many graphic designers, publishers, bloggers, marketers, and creatives from various backgrounds enjoy iStock due to their high-quality curation and extensive library.

Which includes unique and high-value budget-friendly material. The technical quality of the photos is higher in both circumstances and is fully acceptable for professional usage.

Stock footage, also known as B-roll or stock video if you are unfamiliar, is a pre-filmed video that can be acquired and utilized in a number of projects including films.

Stock footage can be licensed, saving filmmakers the money and time required to capture original material.

Sports videos, family videos, animal videos, nature videos, aerial videos, cityscape videos, cuisine videos, transportation clips, slow-motion clips, and other sorts of stock videos are common.

How iStock Works

iStock offers ready-to-use photographs, vectors, drawings, and video clips that may be used in practically any project.

All of our material is created by our community of contributors and is rigorously reviewed to ensure that it meets our high standards.

When you download a file from iStock, you are purchasing a license to use the file in blogs, advertising, websites, presentations, podcasts, video productions, and other applications.

Our files are completely royalty-free, meaning you can use them in as many projects as you want for as long as you want, as long as you follow the licensing restrictions.

You may use them in even more ways if you purchase extended licenses.

iStock Licensing

All the files are royalty-free, which means you simply pay for the initial download and do not have to pay the artist a royalty fee each time you use it.

Your rights to utilize files downloaded during your membership period have no expiration date. Files with credits can be used in as many projects as you want for as long as you want.

Unlike the bulk of the images in our collection, editorial photos do not contain model or property releases.

Therefore they cannot be used for commercial, promotional, advertorial, or endorsement reasons.

These photos frequently feature news, sports, and entertainment photographs that depict real-world people, places, events.

And things and are intended to be used solely in conjunction with newsworthy or general-interest events such as newspapers and blogs. 

You can buy any license, but you will not be able to use the stock imagery in trademarks, logos, or pornography

Sign Up For A Free Trial

Sign Up For A Free Trial

The trial offers you access to the entire Essentials collection, which includes millions of low-cost yet high-resolution photographs.

You can get photographs, vectors, graphic components, and other things.

Images from iStock are royalty-free and acceptable for commercial use. You can do everything you’d do with purchased stock photographs with these.

And it’s far more legal than utilizing photos from free stock photo sites.

You have the option to terminate your iStock subscription at any time. Just remember that depending on when you cancel, you may be charged a cost.

You can seek a membership refund within two weeks of purchase so long as you haven’t downloaded more than five files and haven’t used any downloaded content. 

iStock Subscriptions

By signing up for a subscription to iStock, you will be able to get full access to videos and images on the site by paying a flat rate.

You are also able to be subscribed for either a month or a year and can cancel it at any time. 

iStock has three subscriptions to choose from. The first one is a basic subscription which will give you all the standard vectors, photos, and illustrations that fall under the budget essentials’ collection. 

The next level of subscription is the premium subscription which covers all that is in the basic subscription but also has imagery from the signature collection that is exclusive to iStock. 

Finally, there is the premium plus video subscription which gives users the ability to access every video and image on the iStock website. 

Whatever subscription plan you have, you are not limited to any date expirations which gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom with your projects. 

Free Weekly iStock Image

Every week, iStock will select a high-quality image and make it available for free download for a short period.

Until you download the weekly Free Photo from iStockphoto, the file is watermarked. This is true of any stock picture agency from which you choose to acquire stock.

The free photos, like all iStock images, come with a normal image license unless you purchase an extended license.

Which is often used for limitless reproduction/print runs, items for resale, and multi-seat licensing.

The free photo is available in a variety of sizes, all of which are free to download.

They come in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL and are ideal for having the proper size for your project without needing to alter it afterward.

The free artwork from iStock is what is known as a vector EPS file that can be seen immediately on a Mac, however viewing or editing the file requires free software or Adobe Illustrator.

An EPS file may be used to create enormous graphic pictures up to billboard size, and this free artwork allows you to use it freely with a normal license.

The drawings are either exclusive to iStock, as shown by the text “Only from iStock” in the lower-left corner, or might be obtained elsewhere.

What’s good about the weekly drawing is that it’s sometimes exclusive and free.

To download it, simply click the “Free Download” button, save it to your computer, and then open it in an EPS-reading application or on your Mac computer if you have one.

Stock picture agencies all share the same stock image licensing, and iStockphoto, like the others, has its own license conditions.

All the iStock free stock photos come with a standard user license and specified usage guidelines.


That is how you get free imagery from iStock but once you sign up for a membership and see all the stock images.

That they have right there waiting for you for low prices then we can almost guarantee that you will not look back! 

Katie Dawson