Can We Use Envato Elements On Youtube Videos

If you are a Content Creator, then you know how important it is to have graphics and elements of design to make your videos and content stand out and look professional.

Can We Use Envato Elements On Youtube Videos

Whether you use Photoshop, YouTube, Canva or various other platforms to create your content, you’ll want to use a range of elements such as video clips, images, music and more.

This is where Envato Elements comes in handy. 

So, let’s take a look at Envato Elements, what it is and whether you can use this service for your YouTube videos. 

What Are Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an essential service for content design.

You will find a range of templates for marketing purposes, professional needs, along with stock photographs, fonts, wordpress items, 3D images and royalty free music.

Envato Elements is a subscription service for digital purposes. It is aimed towards the needs of designers, marketers, professionals and agencies looking for items on a high volume basis. 

Within Envato Elements, you may find unlimited downloads of high quality graphic design items, templates and assets for an affordable price and subscription fee.

With a subscription, you will have unlimited access to the full library of content within Envato Elements. 

On Envato Elements, you can find and experiment with stock videos, photos, clips, music and more that you can use in a variety of digital content.

As a result of this, Envato Elements is often used for the purpose of adding background music to YouTube videos that is royalty free and free to use. 

Benefits Of Using Envato Elements

There are many benefits to using Envato Elements for your content creation purposes. For instance, one of the main advantages is that the elements have simple licensing.

All Envato Elements assets are covered by the company’s lifetime commercial license.

In addition, you have the freedom to play around with different assets, with unlimited downloads (as long as you have the subscription). 

The subscriptions are also cost efficient, with options for individuals, students, teams of up to 5 members and enterprise subscriptions for larger teams, organizations and agencies. 

With over 60 million assets to choose from, you can find everything to suit your needs.

Finally, you are able to cancel at any time if you no longer require the service. Envato Elements also offers a free 7 day trial to try it out before buying. 

Can We Use Envato Elements On YouTube Videos?

Can We Use Envato Elements On YouTube Videos? 

All items that are downloaded from Envato Elements should be licensed under one single use commercial license.T

his means that you can use the iem in a variety of ways and in different projects, including commercial ones.

This is often why Envato Elements are often used on YouTube videos for video clips or as background music for the content. 

So, the answer is yes, you can use Envato Elements on YouTube videos, but you need to be careful with how you use them.

For instance, Envato Elements issues a license for each downloaded asset but only by a project per project basis.

What this means is that when you download an asset such as a video clip or music for your video, you need to register it with the project.

Then, it will only be licensed for that one project, you cannot use it time and time again without running into licensing issues.

So, what you’ll have to do if you want to use it again is register it again for another project.

This is largely because the assets on Envato are created by third party creators. In order for them to get paid correctly by Envato, the company needs to know how many projects it is used on.

This is why you have to register the asset for the project, so creators get paid and compensated fairly.

If you do this, you should also not get into any trouble down the road, and if you cancel your subscription, Envato knows which projects and videos were authorized and licensed to use the asset. 

With that in mind, you can run into some issues with using Envato music on YouTube. Again, as the music is created by third parties, it will be copyrighted.

If you are a subscriber to Envato, then you can have the right to license the music on YouTube and use it for this purpose.

However, YouTube does not know this, and will try to scan and track the videos to flag them to notify the copyright holders.

Whilst you are licensed to use it, YouTube can do this to let the copyright holder know and you may be flagged.

But, it is not a copyright strike, and you can upload a copy of your music license to YouTube to bypass this issue.

In some cases, this process can be annoying as it can place a hold on the monetization of your video, which can also impact its performance whilst you deal with the copyright issues and upload your license as proof. 

It is also important to note that if you use Envato Elements for your YouTube videos, and then later cancel your subscription, you are no longer permitted to use the assets, which could result in copyright notices and issues.

That being said, you should not receive a copyright strike notice if you do cancel your subscription at a later date. 

Envato Elements Guide For YouTube Content

For the majority of online based music composers, they may sell licenses for their music on Elements. If so, these are often fingerprinted digitally with a Content ID to protect against unauthorized uses. 

If you take a look at the Help Page from Envato Elements themselves, you can see that Envato provides license certificates for any audio you download on Envato Elements.

Therefore, if a copyright notice does appear on a YouTube video, then it can be easily cleared if tracked by Content ID. 

When a video is uploaded to YouTube that has licensed and digitally fingerprinted music, you may receive a copyright notice saying ‘matched third party content’.

This does not necessarily mean that copyright has been infringed, as it is a notice to say that YouTube has detected registered content via Content ID, and further action may be required. 


To summarize, Envato Elements are an essential part of creating digital content today. With a range of images, templates and music to use to your advantage, the subscription fee seems like nothing!

You can also use Envato Elements on your YouTube videos but you have to be careful around licensing and copyright issues as your video could be flagged by YouTube. 

However, you can bypass this by uploading your copy of your license to YouTube to prove that you are permitted to use the music.

Whilst it can be tricky using Envato Elements on YouTube, it can definitely be done! 

With this guide, we’ve covered why you should be using Envato Elements, what the benefits are and what issues you could face in terms of YouTube videos.

We hope this helps you understand how to use Envato Elements better!

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